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Bike Bandit

Bike Bandit

Chilly White Joins Bike Bandit Blog

Hi Everyone! I am excited to be able to share the big news – I have joined up with the crew here at Bike Bandit!

I will be writing for the website blog. I expect to bring you a wide array of testing, product features, industry news as well as writing about my own motorcycling experiences.

Adventure riding in California desert

Some of you may know me from Enduro360, YouTube or social media. For those who don’t, let me tell you just a bit about myself. I am a 3rd generation motorcyclist. My family’s love for riding goes back nearly to the birth of motorcycles. My grandfather got his first bike, a 1917 Harley, in 1921. He had his own motorcycle delivery business and later went on to become a Harley Dealer in Wenatchee, Washington.

My dad, Gordon, grew up in that shop. His passion always leaned towards the dirt. As a teenager his first bike was an Italian built 125cc Harley. Gordon went on to become an off road racer, at 81 he still races.

Today, many know me by my exploits in Baja. I run a motorcycle tour company and love to share my passion for motorcycles and Mexico with others. Prior to that, I spent many years racing, mostly in the deserts of Southern California. I won a few class championships in AMA District 37 and the National Hare & Hound series.

2008 ISDE Greece

For me, the highpoint of my racing was being chosen to represent the USA for the International Six Days Enduro as a club rider. I rode the ISDE four times earning 3 silver medals and 1 bronze. I had to really dig deep to earn that bronze medal at my first Six Days. Less than half the riders finished that event in the Czech Republic in 2002. It was one of my proudest moments as a racer.

One of my biggest challenges was racing Romaniacs in 2013. I finished the Hobby class in that event. I have also dabbled in some rally racing. These days I just do a couple of races each year. You can typically find me at the Tecate Enduro and Idaho City 100.

Arriving to Finish Romaniacs in 2013

Thanks to the Baja tours, I log well over 10,000 miles of dirt every year. It gives me a great chance to really test products and bikes.  My testing results are based on more miles of riding than just about anyone in the industry.

Through all of this I lead a secret life as a street and Adventure bike rider too.  To me, if it has two wheels and makes me smile, count me in. On any given day you may find me at the motocross track, testing a new sport bike, exploring the backcountry of Baja or just looking for a new place on the map to point the front wheel towards.

Rally Racing in Mexico

For the past 20 years I have worked in various segments of the motorcycle industry; sales, aftermarket, testing, racing and editorial. Hopefully I have learned a thing or two along the way that I can pass on to you and new generations of riders. Click Here…

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