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Portable Devices

Portable Devices

RAM Mount For Portable Devices


One of our most useful add-ons we carry are RAM mounts like these – not just for Gold Wings, but for any bike!


Gold Wing riders are known for having their bikes decked out with all the essential riding gadgets and accessories – but what’s the point of having them if they are a hassle to mount, and an even bigger hassle to use while riding?

That’s where these handy RAM mounts come in. RAM has developed a very elaborate selection of mounts and bases for every conceivable application, from simple clamp mounts for action cameras to their universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder that snaps your phone into place and holds it securely in position for your entire ride.

But if you want to save some cash and still have the convenience of a mount for your phone or gadgets, check out our own BikeBandit Tech Gripper and Mount Kit, which we developed in-house as an affordable and easy-to-use solution to holding your phone or other device in place on your ride!


HID/LED Upgraded Lighting

Riding long distances cross country in your Gold Wing means you’re going to be hitting all sorts of varied climate conditions, and if you ride year-round, the winter months will have you riding in a lot more nighttime hours than you’d probably like. Visibility is of utmost importance on a motorcycle, esepcually on a beast of a bike like the Wing, so one of the best mods you can do is a motorcycle lighting kit.

We stock a number of lighting upgrades for Gold Wings here at BikeBandit, from LED replacement bulbs and upgraded HID headlamp kits that will make your bike more visible, and make it easier for you to see the road ahead as well. But for complete auxiliary units tailored made to look like OEM equipment on your Wing, check out the Kurkyakyn LED Driving Light Kit for GL1800, or the Show Chrome Accessories LED Fog Light Kit for Gold Wings, both of which are not only powerful lighting solutions, but show-stopping aftermarket add-ons for your bike!


If you want powerful aftermarket with an OEM look, you have to check out these LED Auxiliary lights from Kuryakyn.



Highway Pegs

When you’re on a long cruise down long, straight roads (which, lets face it, constitutes most of the highways in America), it can really help with your comfort to be able to lean back and stretch out on your bike. But the Gold Wing is built with not just touring but sporty touring in mind, so it has a mid-mounted foot control position that, while making the bike easy to maneuver, isn’t the best when you want to stretch out and enjoy the ride.

To relax your feet and legs, you have two options – install complete floorboards under your controls, or highway pegs up front to rest on while riding. But the trouble with floorboards is, as popular as they are on big V-twin cruisers, they don’t work well on Gold Wings, because the wide engine pushes them out significantly which often causes them to make contact with the ground during turns.

Floorboards work great on narrower bikes like V-twin powered Harleys, but on a Gold Wing, we recommend highway pegs instead, which are mounted further up on the frame and out of the way of dragging. Check out the Kuryakyn Ergo II Cruise Mounts, which are a very popular and high-end option for highway pegs among our Gold Wing riders.


GPS System

On long rides, experiencing the open road can be a liberating and therapeutic feeling…unless you get lost, of course! But while its easy to use your cell phone for navigation while driving your car, it’s not so easy while on your bike. That’s why there are purpose built GPS systems built just for motorcycle riders, and with all the riding Gold Wing owners do, this will be one of your most useful and favorite accessories.

The undisputed market leader in motorcycle GPS systems is Garmin, and their Garmin Zumo GPS systems are in high demand among riders. The latest generation Zumo, the Garmin Zumo 350LM, is a GPS system with a highly visible, sunlight-readable 4.3″ touchscreen display with a glove-friendly interface that pairs easily with Bluetooth devices for hands-free, turn-by-turn directions to your destination. The 350LM even tracks useful data, such as miles travelled, tire mileage, oil change intervals, etc. – anything you can think of that needs tracking, the Zumo 350LM will track it!


The Garmin Zumo 350LM.


However, as highly featured as the Zumo is, it is a little pricey, coming in at $699.95. For a more affordable option, make sure to check out the TomTom Rider 400 GPS system, which we have a full video review of on our Blog!





Official Gold Wing Gear

Ok, so you’ve got the Wing, and you’ve got the gear – maybe you’ve decked out your bike with every accessory you can get your hands on and then some. What else to get to show your Gold Wing love but official Honda Gold Wing gear?


What do you get the Gold Wing rider who has every upgrade for his bike? How about an upgrade for his closet, like this Gold Wing Hoodie!


Check out these great-looking, high-quality, officially licensed Honda Gold Wing apparel items to represent your Gold Wing pride even when you’re not riding! Check out the Honda Gold Wing Touring Tee, the Honda Gold Wing Zip Hoody, and even ride in the official Honda Collection Gold Wing Touring Jacket in both textile and mesh versions. Click Here…

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