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Six Days Editions

Six Days Editions

The Six Days Editions

European enduro models get a sexy makeover to commemorate the 2017 International Six Days Enduro in Brive, France.

With the 2017 ISDE underway, let’s take a look at the special edition bikes from Gas Gas, Sherco and KTM. KTM started building their first Six Days models back in 2000. Riders who participated in KTM’s ISDE rental/purchase program were the only riders to get these bikes. As riders returned home with these bikes after the event, the special editions started to gain notoriety.


Initially the modifications were small; special graphics and equipment required for ISDE regulations such as lighting. As the models gained popularity KTM started to add more bling to the models to encourage riders choose the bikes over other competing marques.




It was not until recently that these models were offered for sale through the dealer networks, initially in Europe only and now finally in the US.  The popularity of the concept prompted Gas Gas and most recently Sherco to start offering similar special editions. The ISDE editions are some of the most sought after models for all three manufacturers. For the 2017 ISDE in Brive, France, the red/white/blue tricolor motif will no doubt be popular here at home too. These may by some of the sexiest enduro bikes ever to hit showroom floors.

The concept is especially meaningful to me as I have my own Six Days model. When I rode my first ISDE in the Czech Republic in 2002, I did it on the 2003 KTM 400exc ISDE model. That bike returned home with me and served as both race bike and play bike for many years. It has now been retired to a comfortable life residing in my living room with its original equipment. The hardest work it sees these days is to occasionally serve as a prop for shooting models. Click Here…

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