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Vietnam Adventure

Vietnam Adventure

Vietnam Adventure Tour

Adventure Ride Asia – I am so excited to be preparing for my next off road adventure; touring Northern Vietnam.

I have been fortunate enough to ride in many different countries. But most of it was racing. While racing in a foreign country is amazing, it just isn’t the same as taking some time to tour the country side, to really see the land and culture.

There should be no shortage of adventure in Vietnam

Most of my riding these days finds me in Baja where I am the tour guide. I share with other riders the sights and experiences I love so much. Baja is truly unique, I call it the last frontier of dirt biking. Never the less, there are still a number of other places I want to see on motorcycle. Asia is right at the top of my list.

ADVenture Asia – Back to basics adventure biking

When a couple of my clients invited me to join them on a Vietnam trip, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only am I excited to visit the region for the first time, but I get to play the tourist. We will be flying into Hanoi to do an 8 day ride with Off Road Vietnam

Hopefully get a bike with some decent tires

I am super excited. This will be a whole new experience for me. I am working on getting all my gear together right now. I want to be well prepared, but I also want to travel very light. So I am working to figure out what parts of my kit can multi-task as both riding gear and casual wear. Stay tuned, I will be bringing you a feature on what items I choose to take with me.

The vistas look amazing

Hopefully I will be able to bring you some photos and details of the trip while we are riding in late September.  Look for that here and on the Bike Bandit Instagram page. In the meanwhile, here is a video clip. I think I will go start packing right now! Click Here…

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