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Lacrosse Shorts

Lacrosse Shorts

5 XL Lacrosse Shorts

Check out these red and white 5 XL lacrosse shorts we made for our pal in New York City.  

5 xl lacrosse shorts
5 xl lacrosse shorts

Our actor friend up in NYC has a big birthday party coming up.  He said that he looked all over for some larger sized custom striped shorts.  Unfortunately he said that his search for a larger sized custom short left him scrambling. We are a cut and sew manufacturer of sports apparel.  However our reach and capabilities let us go outside the box.  More than likely you have seen our gear in several major commercials.  Most of the gear that we have made for these commercials has nothing to do with sports.

Make 5 XL Lacrosse Shorts

The reason I am making this post on 5 XL lacrosse shorts is because I understand the challenges of big and tall customers.  I am a xxl so I cannot fully relate but this is what I love about my job.  Often times we will have customers come by our factory for a special sizing.  We digitally make patterns so alterations are easy.  Our New York customer said that he had a sixty inch waist.  We were able to work a little with the 5 xl pattern to alter.  Yes the shorts do not fit in the photograph.  Who cares because they look awesome.

So if you are a client that does not fit the average size chart or mold do not give up hope.  And we will not gouge you for an overcharge.  If we see that there is a more than average use, we will let you know.  We can make striped shooter shirts, shorts or reversible jerseys in any color pattern or style.  Call us at 888-438-7875 for any design or order questions.  Thanks for reading my post on 5 XL lacrosse shorts.  We make them bigger and better! click Here…

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