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Youth Lacrosse

Youth Lacrosse

Custom Youth Lacrosse Jerseys

Make sure to check out our variety of sleeved and no sleeved Youth Lacrosse Jerseys for boys and girls.  We manufacture all of our custom uniforms and team apparel in Maryland USA.

Youth Lacrosse Jerseys
Youth Lacrosse Jerseys

In keeping with the Texas theme from a previous post, here goes another set of jerseys to Lax Farm in Texas.  As you may of heard or read. Texas has been getting pummeled with storms and rain this past week.  Hurricane Harvey has done the most damage to the state in they say over 1000 years.  Lets hope and pray that all of the people from or living there have relocated to safer ground.  This includes pets.

Lax Farm has been a loyal and fantastic customer going on six seasons.  This year they outfitted the little scoopers and youth programs in these reversible dye sublimated jerseys.  They change up the design and colors every year as well.  This year they went with a charcoal grey and neon green pinnie.  The logos that they added reversed according to the opposite color.  I think that the logos and text really looked great.

On the backs they added player last names and numbers to both sides.  The green side had gray numbers and names.  On the gray side we continued the look of the green on the back.  The Texas flag outline on the left heart really meant something special too.

Boys practice jersey lacrosse come in basically two types of fits.  The first is the tank top style as pictured here.  The other is the collegiate cut style with the wide shoulders.  They are both perfect for the little and big tykes.  If you are super concerned about the pads staying in the jersey than go with the collegiate cut jerseys.  We also make a more serious and expensive sleeved jersey.  On the site we sell it as a non reversible but for a couple more dollars you can actually get that sleeved jersey reversed as well.

So once again thanks Lax Farm for your continued patronage.  We love our returning and our new customers.  More so we love to see the programs in Texas and other hugely popular places continue to spread the game of lacrosse.  Thank you for reading my post. Click Here…

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