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Basketball Shirts

Basketball Shirts

Custom Long Sleeve Basketball Shirts


Design your own Long Sleeve Basketball Shirts from Lightning Wear®. No basketball uniform set is complete without the proper long sleeve basketball warmup shirts.  The shirts are made in adult and kids sizes.  In addition you can add team logos, names, numbers, patterns prints, player names and player numbers.  This is a unisex shirt that we make for girls and guys teams alike.  The shirt pictured has the dip dye ombre effect.  This is only possible thanks to the advanced technology of dye sublimation.

long sleeve basketball shirts
long sleeve basketball shirts


Sublimated basketball shooter shirts are becoming more popular year to year. Most of all, the dip dye or ombre long sleeve basketball shooter shirts are this seasons top sellers. Lightning Wear is one of the very few manufacturers in the United States who actually prints, presses cuts and sews in our Maryland factory.  The manufacturing process for long sleeve shooter shirts has a lot of independent variables and factors that come in to play.  First, the design that you choose is made in a pattern by one of our artists in the size or sizes you purchase.  Custom variable data of names and numbers are added to a special software that populates on to the files.

The custom pattern and design is printed on a wide format printer.  We use state of the art dye sublimation inks and special dye paper.  The printers print out a reversible jersey just about every two minutes.  When the roll of paper is finished it is brought to our high speed high heat rotary sublimation press.  The ink on the paper is applied to the fabric where it turns to liquid on the fabric then back to a solid.  The paper protects the fabric from melting.  Due to the high temperature of the presses monitoring rotary press temperatures is a must.

Next the patterns on the fabric with the design are cut out and sent to the sewing floor.  There they are assembled and packaged after quality control for shipment all over the globe.  Indeed there is a tremendous amount of time and effort put in to our custom uniforms.  As you can see there is more than meets the eye to producing long sleeve basketball shirts. Click Here…

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