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Basketball Uniforms

Basketball Uniforms

Custom Kids Basketball Uniforms

Check out these locally manufactured Kids basketball uniforms from Lightning Wear.  Here goes a set of kids basketball jerseys and sublimated shorts to our friend in the local area from Holy Cross. They play in the DC area CYO Basketball league.  The dark green basketball jerseys reverse to white.  They team chose a front collegiate text and number and a back number.  As you can see, although the jersey was dye sublimated, it still has a clean crisp look that only sublimation products will show. The picture shows the V neck version of the jersey with a slightly wider shoulder for style and comfort.

kids basketball uniforms

kids basketball uniforms

In a previous post, I mentioned that I have a warm place in my heart for the Catholic Youth Organization sports league.  In sixth grade, we won the bball conference championship and went undefeated.   Oh the glory days.  To this day, these were some of the greatest memories that I ever had with organized basketball.  From time to time, many of the guys that played on this team so many moons ago get together to share the memories. After almost thirty years, we all agree that there was nothing better than being involved in competitive organized sports.

Our uniforms however were definitely no where near as nice as the ones we have made for Holy Cross.  I think the ones we wore that year were on their 10th season.  The good news is that our uniforms that we manufacture will last that long.  Bad news is, they will be out of style.  Boys basketball jerseys can be decorated with any pattern design or logo.


Affordable basketball uniforms are made to order in our Kensington, Maryland facility. Just like when I was a kid, every family is on a tight budget.  At Lightning Wear® we can make it affordable to outfit your team in a good looking basketball set without breaking the bank.  If you are your team are on a tight budget, call our representatives and we can work with you to get your dye sublimated basketball uniforms at a reasonable price.  We will deliver a great product. Click Here…

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