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Lacrosse Shorts

Lacrosse Shorts

USA Flag Lacrosse Shorts

Hewlett Lacrosse always makes sure that its players, coaches and parents are looking good with these USA flag lacrosse shorts. The parents of these fine lads came together for spirit wear that would stand out without breaking the wallet.  After all, they are trying to raise funds to support the team travels and expenses for the 2017 season.  We worked with some of the great moms to come up with a price that would allow them to upsell and still keep reasonable for their customers.  If you are a booster or team parent that is looking to raise funds, let us know and we will sharpen our pencils and get you outfitted.  Our American Flag Lacrosse Shorts are proudly made in Maryland USA.

USA Flag Lacrosse Shorts

USA Flag Lacrosse Shorts


You may ask how do I get this design for my team or club.  Our custom lacrosse shorts builder allows for a lot of different cool designs and features. Unfortunately, a design like the one pictured above requires some help from our in house design experts.  The customer for this order was great to work with and had a great idea about what it was that she wanted.  We went to her with a small number of design changes and finally landed on this gem.  She was very cool and always fun to work with.

Do not worry, changing your mind and adding changes does not cost anything extra.  Let me rephrase this.  It does not cost anything extra unless you are someone that makes tons (20+) of changes and/or only wants one or two pieces. We do not create our cool designs so that you can work our artists for free.


I should’nt but I have to lay some ground rules for our services.  The other day I had to let a nice customer know that unfortunately his designs for one or two shirts required way too much attention for our artists.  Please keep in mind that if you spend an hour plus of our artists time for a thirty some dollar pair of lacrosse shorts or shirts it is really not worth our time.  We want to help everyone and are glad to do so, but it also has to make sense for our business.  We like meeting all of our customers needs but from time to time sadly there are certain customers we just cannot service.  The more you require attention, the less we are able to get working on your order and printing your masterpiece.  I hope I did not offend anyone or sound too mean.


List preparation is always very important. Please make sure you are sending us a list that it is organized and easy to understand.  We are great at a lot of things but we are definitely not mind readers.  Lightning Wear and our staff are very easy to get along with.  Our goal is to make sure that your experience is incredible so that you keep coming back.

We want you to tell your friend how great we are as well.  But please let us do our jobs.  Daily calls to check on the status of your lacrosse uniforms is not going to get your order moving faster.  It will likely tic your rep off and slow down the completion date.  As well, please do not delay on payment of your order.  Our production schedules are based off of paid orders.  If you sent your list of players and sizes in but have not completed payment, unfortunately it is not an order. Click Here…

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