Another great set of navy blue lacrosse shorts are on the way north to our friends in Long Island New York.  These navy blue and silver lax shorts were purchased by the ladies in charge of the booster and fundraising for the high school team.  But the greatest shorts that these parents ordered were the USA Flag Lacrosse shorts with their custom logo.  You can check out the other pair of lacrosse shorts that the moms and dads will be selling and decide which one you think is cooler.  If you are a team parent or school that is searching for a great way to raise funds for your team, give us a call and we can work out a way to help you do so.


navy blue lacrosse shorts

navy blue lacrosse shorts

We make lacrosse shorts with pockets or without them.  But really the choice is up to you and your team. The picture shows how sharp and silky our moisture wicking shorts with pockets look. Take a look at the dye sublimated lacrosse shorts.  Dye sublimation means the colors patterns designs and logos are all dyed in to the fabric using special pigment inks.  The inks are blended together to create just about any color you can think of.  It is quite amazing how fine and detailed  the designs and patterns are.  The system is so precise that you can take any art ready photo or picture and completely cover any article.  We sew the printed pattern pieces together for a final finished product.

Lightning Wear makes adult and kids sized lacrosse shorts.  Ladies and girls we also make shorts for you too.  Most often our boys have shorts in them. Girls lacrosse shorts on other hand generally do not have pockets.  When you are ready to order your navy blue lacrosse shorts please give us a call. Click Here…

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