Uniforms Lacrosse

Sublimated Uniforms Lacrosse

Check out our endless supply of sublimated uniforms lacrosse from Lightning Wear.  We manufacture high quality sublimated lacrosse uniforms for some of the biggest companies, clubs and colleges in the world.  Our state of the art printing and manufacturing process has made us a leader in the industry.  We use the most high quality production supplies and equipment known to man.  As well, we are capable of producing large quantities of team uniforms including reversible jerseys, sublimated shorts and custom shooting shirts in weeks, not months.  But what sets us apart from our competition is our accessibility.  Our team is available nearly seven days a week for all of your team apparel questions and concerns.

sublimated uniforms lacrosse

sublimated uniforms lacrosse


The picture above shows what our factory looks like during March madness every year.  Our March madness usually starts at the end of January and lasts up until the end of June.  During this time, we are producing between 500 and 1000 pieces of clothing per day.  It is our intention to make sure that every team gets their uniform on time and in the quality and look that impresses.  Painfully though, during this time we have to turn away some of the more high attention needing clientele.

Unfortunately, if you think that because you have ordered from us in the past you deserve special rush treatment, we are unable to assist. At least five times a day during this time we get customers that think that the can order in a day and have it shipped a few days later.  Please realize that these are custom garments that take a considerable amount of time to design, print, press, cut and sew.  AS an old friend once said, we charge a little more for our custom lacrosse uniforms, because we do a little more.  If you are in a rush, we have a twenty five percent fee that guarantees delivery within seven business days.

Every now and then we get someone complaining that the rush fee is unfair.  The unfair part is when customers call and want to be pushed ahead of the line for their gear.  We are all about making exceptions and helping the needy, but please understand that we get a lot of calls and have a lot going on.  Sorry if I sound like we do not want your business. We definitely do and will work hard to impress you.  Sublimated uniforms lacrosse are our specialty so give us a call. Click Here…

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