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Green Camo

Green Camo

Seniors Green Camo Pinnies

Check out these green camo pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  

green camo pinnies

green camo pinnies

Some seniors will be hiding from the principal in these green camo lacrosse pinnies. Have a great school year.

Every year we receive orders from Senior class execs. across the land for custom team jerseys.  We work with college and high school seniors.  Our future budding stars always come up with the most creative and desirable jerseys.  I mentioned it in another post that the leaders of the different clubs and classes that we work with, especially the high schoolers deserve a special pat on the back.  If you have ever worked with others to gather a team order, you will know exactly what I am talking about.


The process of collecting lists of sizes, names numbers and most important payment is always a challenge for the coordinator of school sponsored orders.  When you see what these kids put together, it is always inspiring.  More so, speaking with the girls and guys  in high school that are in charge always gives you a better appreciation for the youth of today.  There is hope ladies and gentleman.  Anyways, enough of the praise and thanksgiving.

High School Pinnie

If you are a high school or college team looking to organize a team order, feel free to call us or write and we can get the ball rolling.  If you are a teeny bopper and want a custom name on the back, be sure to keep it classy.  I cannot tell you how many names we print on the back of jerseys where I just shake my head when I see them.

Most of the time, our reversible jerseys get personalized with the standard last names or common nicknames. Unfortunately, there are some that go over the top.  Keep in mind that while it may be funny to wear among friends,  a vulgar or dirty jersey is not worth the pain.  It make your moms or grambs get sick.  Ok. That is enough of my teasing.  Put whatever you want on our jerseys. We will make them look cool.  Green camo pinnies can make your friends and grandma smile. Click Here…

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