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Jerseys Camp

Jerseys Camp

Make Custom Basketball Jerseys Camp

Custom Basketball Jerseys Camp from Lightning Wear Apparel. The DormBros of Swan Lake New York will be the best outfitted campers for 2016.  They designed and ordered custom basketball jerseys for camp.  No doubt, they will be geared for any event or sport.  They chose the sublimated basketball jerseys with the Astro design.  The team  used our online jersey designer software and added names numbers and a cool logo.  The jerseys are reversible. They have a red inner color with the logos and patterns of the jersey reversed to gray.

custom basketball jerseys camp

custom basketball jerseys camp

Basketball jerseys are about four inches longer than our lacrosse pinnies on the site.  The arm holes are also a little tighter on the basketball jersey.  They tend not to fall off the shoulder unlike the lax pinnies.  Girls and guys teams can buy these.  I personally prefer the basketball jersey because I am taller and like the jersey going past the waistband.  For lacrosse, there is a reason that the custom jerseys are shorter.  You do not have to worry about your stick getting caught in your side when trying to pass or cradle.  Basketball pinnies can be worn outside of the short, or tucked in. Customized basketball jerseys for camp or any event can make all the difference in the world.

Finally, feel free to call us with any design or wear ability questions.  There are a lot of different options for a v or regular cut collar.  As well we offer girls racerback style jerseys and girls sublimation basketball uniforms in tons of colors and patterns.  Whether is is for camp, school, club or organization, we can deliver you a finished product that will have you, your parents and your fans going crazy with joy and excitement.   No order is too big or small for custom basketball uniforms. Click Here…

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