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Mesh Pinnies

Mesh Pinnies

Create Lacrosse Mesh Pinnies


Design your own Lacrosse mesh pinnies from Lightning Wear.  A Little GTL is on its way to Boston Mass. Thanks for the order and good luck this weekend.

lacrosse mesh pinnies

lacrosse mesh pinnies

What you see pictured is one of our early attempts at dye sublimated jerseys.  From time to time I will visit our old posts and comment if need be.  The jerseys that you see were made with one of our first direct to garment dye sublimation machines.  We sold a ton of these that year.  Unfortunately, the process was completely amateur.  However, everyone seemed to love it.


Dye Sublimation Machines

Our first dye sublimation machines were definitely fit for the Lightning Wear record books.  I remember taking the drive to Port Ewing New York with my family to check out the latest and greatest in dye sublimation.  Or so I thought.  Back in 2009 we were one of the only pinnies manufacturers in the United States.  But at the time we were always thinking ahead.  We wanted to offer the most innovative and fresh patterns and styles on the market. Custom uniforms were in our sight.  Dye Sub opened a lot of new doors and possibilities for us.  However it took us almost five years to really learn what works and what makes dollars and sense.  We learned that direct to garment to this day is still not the way to go for us.

Since 2009, we have improved our product and overall production immensely.  We operate for high speed printers and two high spead heavy heat rotary pressed.  Our team has the capability that only compares with overseas manufacturers.  What sets us apart is that we are operating in the USA.  We can manufacture team orders fast in the correct colors at a reasonable price.  Check us out and give us a call at 888-438-7875 for your lacrosse mesh pinnies and team uniforms. Click Here…

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