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Hunting in Alaska

Hunting in Alaska

Hunting in Alaska

February 10th, 2013

Alaska Fly In Hunt for Moose in PlaneAs I am flying in the Super Cub from Tok into the wilderness of Alaska, I looked down below me and it was as if I was traveling in a time capsule.  Taking me back hundreds of years before tv’s, the internet and Facebook was created.  Alaska calls itself “The Last Frontier” and for good reason.  When you are taken into the wilderness of Alaska, it’s like turning back time.

When my Alaska Bush plane circled around what looked like to be a cleared off gravel bar, I knew we must be there.  The big bouncy wheels touched down and we bounced our way to a stop before running into the birch trees that were at the end of the makeshift runway.  I stepped out of the plane and realized I was in a place that very few other humans have ever been.  This was going to be home for the next 10 days.

There is no other place I would rather be in the fall than hunting whitetails or quail and pheasants in Illinois but each year I like to take a hunting trip in September before our season starts.  I love to hunt so the trips are fun, but it also lets me be in the hunter’s shoes and gives me a better feeling of how our hunters feel when they hunt with us.  Each time I return from a hunting trip I feel that I can relate to our hunters a little better.

I have been blessed to hunt moose in Alaska twice in the past three years.  Each time I make a list of what to do to ensure I am better prepared for my next trip into the Alaska wilderness.  Alaska is very unforgiving and the littlest things can become big things.  I am also an archery hunter, adding to the list of things that could go wrong.  (Rifle hunters will also find this blog useful.)  I have been asked by several friends and hunters of mine to send them my “Alaska List.”  For many, hunting Alaska may be a once in a lifetime experience so you want to make sure you do everything possible the first time to make your experience a positive one.  So I have taken two years of experience and put together what I feel like is a good “Alaska List” so you can better enjoy your first Alaska fly-in hunt. Click Here…

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