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Miscellaneous – Optional

Book to read – I recommend Raven’s Pray by Slim Randles. Purchase a copy at SlimRandles.com.
Hand and toe warmers
– Both years I have not had a pistol.  But I am considering purchasing a 40 or 45.  If nothing else, it may make you feel a little safer in the tent.
Target in camp – for archery practice.
Decoy – Moose-like to hang up about 60-80 yds. out.  Using a Montana Moose Decoy may bring them right in.
Second pair of boots – If conditions are extreme and your boots get wet and freeze, a dry pair of second boots can be a life saver.
Waders – Some areas require waders.  Ask your outfitter.
Satellite phone – If doing a self-guided hunt this is well worth the investment.  If hunting with a guide, ask if he will have one in camp.
Contacts – If you wear contacts purchase the kind you can wear for one month.  This way you are not taking contacts in and out.  Bring a couple back up pairs just in case.  Throw in your glasses as a last resort.
Leatherman – These are great tools but weigh a lot.  See if your guide is going to have one.  If you are doing the self -guided hunt, just one of the hunters in your group needs to pack one.
Alasak Moose Guide

Nutrition – Most hunters won’t be thinking of this but it can make the difference of being ready or fatigued on the last day of your hunt.  Make sure you eat and hydrate well.  Peanut butter is in most camps and is a great recovery food.  Also pack some energy gels to give you the extra boost during the mid-day.  High calorie energy bars are also good.
Arrow tube – I put all my extra arrows in an arrow tube.
Extra Broadheads – Bring an extra package or two.
Guide – Make your guide your best friend whether you like him or not.  He deals with a lot of hunters and many times they are not pleasant.  He is your key to success and at this point you have no choice.  The more he likes you the more he is going to enjoy the hunt and will give you that extra effort.  I was very lucky to like my guide on both moose hunts.
Outfitter – Make sure you understand everything in your contract.  You can’t hunt on the day you fly in and out (Alaska law) so make sure you know the exact amount of hunting days (not including flights.)  If bad weather moves in and you can’t fly in, know how this will be handled.  Most outfitters do not refund money if you miss days because of weather. Click Here…

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