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Safety & Survival

Safety & Survival

Safety & Survival

Ask your outfitter what will be supplied in the way of safety tools and supplies.  The first year I brought a lot of survival equipment, not to ever bring it out of the packet.  (The outfitter also had the same equipment.)  The second trip I purchased a small first aid kit only to donate it to base camp.  This is something that you don’t want to go without but if your outfitter supplies everything, there is no need for the extra weight.

Alasak Moose ShedLighter
Waterproof Matches
Magnesium Fire Starter
Water Purification Tablets
Nu-Skin for Blisters
Non-drowsy Dramamine – This can be a life saver!
Space Blanket
Spare Batteries for All (Headlamp, rangefinders, cameras, etc.)
Athletic Tape
Lip Balm
Alcohol Wipes
Ibuprofen – This can make your hunt.  If you have any aches make sure to pack this.
Tylenol PM
Roll of Twine
Duct Tape
Glow Sticks
Spare Zip Lock Bags
Extra week’s worth of prescription meds in case of crappy weather.

Self Guided Alaska Hunting Tips

Never hunt alone – Even bowhunters should have a pal behind them with a rifle.  You should have nothing less than a .30-06.  Don’t go further than the outhouse (If there is one) without a rifle.

Bears – If you have to shoot a bear, black or grizzly, shoot for bones, spine and shoulder.  A heart-shot grizzly can run a half mile.  Never underestimate a black bear, especially his speed.  They weigh 300 plus pounds, have teeth and claws, aren’t really friendly, and can outrun a race horse.

Spotting scope – You will need one to find and judge moose.  Remember that from the center of a moose’s head to ear tip is about 18 inches.  Good rule of thumb in judging antler width.  If he can scratch his butt by turning his head, go get him!

Size of animal – Alaska has laws on how wide a moose antlers can be, how much curl a ram can have, along with many othe laws.  Make sure you know them before your trip.  Even if you have a guide its good to know and understand the laws before your hunt.

Hunting moose – hunting method – Find a good glassing area that covers a lot of terrain.  If you find a good moose wait until he beds down then go after him.  Most of the time they will stay bedded down until late afternoon.

Crossing creeks – pick a long stick to probe ahead of you and sidestep across, always facing upstream.  The creeks are fast and cold.  Never walk straight across or allow your legs to cross each other.

Look behind you – often – when you leave camp.  Remember that compasses point somewhere east, the sun doesn’t come up in the east and set in the west, the North Star is directly overhead, and moss grows wherever it feels like growing.  So look back down the way you came so you can find your way back to camp later. A GPS unit helps too!

After the kill – make sure its dead by touching the eye with a long stick.  If there is any life left they will blink.

Meat rack – make sure your meat rack is well away from your tent. Give yourself enough room that if you hear the meat swinging you can still stick your rifle out of the tent and shoot into the sky, so the bear will leave. Click Here…

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