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Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions

Textile jackets offer better ventilation than most leather jackets. Though some offer perforated designs and venting zips under extreme heat leather doesn’t give you the same level of comfort as textile can. It is heavy by nature and not always practical for summer. Though leather can work better in the cold as it has the added feature of keeping you warm. Textile would usually require an added layer. Under the rain, leather can get soaked and will need couple of days to dry out.

Comfort and Fit

A snug fit is always best. Leather jackets wrap closer to your body than most textile jackets. This helps keep the armour in place which comes really handy in the event of a crash. Leather also has a softer material which gives you an added comfortable experience. Textile jackets are usually bulkier but lighter. Because of that, textile offers better flexibility than leather.

Maximum Speed

Your average speed could settle the leather versus textile jacket debate. The faster you go, the more we recommend leather. Textile jackets are work well for commuters while leather is better for performance and weekend riding. It comes down to your riding logistic requirements. What you want and need your jacket for. Leather jackets cut the wind better, keeping you warm enough at great speed and distance. Textile jackets work really well on daily commutes or extreme sports riding. For the most part, any motorcycle jacket you purchase will be a compromise. You have to create a hierarchy of features that are most or least important for you. In order to be comfortable, there are corresponding trade offs for each.

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