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In the age of the smart phone it would be not so smart of us to not make use of all the apps available on them. If you are a fashion freak or just someone who needs to buy a fashion merchandize and who also happens to possess a smart phone then you should need to know and then download most of the handy fashion apps available for your mobile. Fashion is still all about buying the latest clothes and mixing them up with jazzy accessories, but with the fashion apps you can now know about the latest fashion trends, which shop in your locality hosts your preferred clothes and most of all you can now know that you aren’t taken for a ride by the shop keeper, as you can now view the actual price, varieties and choice of materials all with just one single tap on your smart phone screen. With that in mind here is a list of apps that is a must have for all those who wish to be in synch with the changing world of fashion.

Beautylish (Availability: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)

It’s a wild season for girls with a flurry of makeup innovations and new range of nail designs as well as eyeliners that would enrich your aura further with any neat dress. But how to mix and match; this is where the free app Beautylish comes in handy. This app for i – devices helps you accessorize and improves your fashion skills so that you for free can get the best fall fashion look.

PINK Nation (Availability: Free: Android, iPhone)

With this app you can tap into the Victoria’s Secret Pink line and buy or browse the latest fall lounge that comprises of apparels ideal for NFL or college looks. This free app also comes with deals and fun games.

Fashion Kaleidoscope (Availability: Android, iPhone, iPad Free)

This is a true fashion app that caters to your day to day whims on fashion by providing you with fashion sense and details of people around the world and what they are wearing this season. It is a free app for tablets as well as smart phones. You can look at what the girls in Rome are wearing or how the dudes from New York are dressing up and then choose a style that suits you the best. You can buy your preference through its in-app links. With this app you can cause your own fashion trend by posting pictures of yourself and sharing them.

TopShop US (Availability: Free: iPod Touch, iPhone)

This is a money saving app. TopShop is a one stop shop for the latest trendy fashion wears with reasonable prices. This is best for those people whose town does not have good departmental stores, as they can now shop with the TopShop US app. The TopShop blog feeds gives you insight into the latest what’s what of the fashion world.

PoshMark (Availability: Free: iPhone, iPad)

It s free iPhone app that lets you buy and sell fashion products. Sell your chic apparels and accessories that you do not need or love any more with just a few taps on the Poshmark app. You can post the pictures of your slightly used clothes, shoes, handbags etc through Poshmark and expect good sales. Click Here…

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